Escrow / Agency Closing

Imperial Land Title offers you experienced escrow settlement agents who are well trained in real estate closing procedures and the issuance of title insurance. We have a wealth of technical experience and knowledge of how to keep track of all the transaction details is your assurance of a smooth closing. Imperial Land Title’s escrow settlement agents get the job done with efficiency and accuracy.

An escrow, sometimes referred to as a closing, is an arrangement in which third party called an escrow holder becomes the depository for all monies, instructions and documents pertaining to the transaction on behalf of a buyer and seller and/or lender after you enter into an agreement with a lender or mortgage broker to refinance your home, sign a contract to buy or sell a home or refinance. The funds are distributed and documents are recorded only in accordance with the written instructions received from the parties. Once all the terms and conditions of the written instructions of all parties have been fulfilled, and all closing conditions satisfied, the escrow is closed and the transfer of property and money is accomplished.

Lenders regularly open an escrow to ensure that loan proceeds are not disbursed until the lender has a valid lien recorded against the borrower’s property to secure their loan. All parties rely on the escrow holder to faithfully carry out their mutually consistent instructions relating to the transaction or to advise them if any of the instructions are contradictory or cannot be completed.

Commercial Escrow

Imperial Land Title offers you a complete range of residential and commercial real estate title, escrow and information services designed to protect real estate lenders from damages or loss. Imperial Land Title is dedicated to the provision of the highest quality of service to our customers and ensuring that your real estate transaction proceeds flawlessly from opening to closing.

  • We notarize all documents at closing
  • We manage disbursement of loan proceeds
  • We collect all monies due and distribute them to the proper parties
  • We satisfy any outstanding mortgages, judgments or liens
  • We hold escrow funds with a FDIC lender
  • We record all documents after closing
  • We provide policy issuance