Title Insurance

Imperial Land Title offers you the most complete real estate services in Northern Illinois. From title and escrow, you can count on Imperial Land Title for all your real estate needs. Imperial Land Title has a long history of serving its customers with accuracy and efficiency.

Title insurance gives you the assurance that possible clouds on title to the property you are purchasing, which can be discovered from the public records, have been called to your attention that such defects can be corrected before you buy. Additionally, it is insurance that if any undiscovered claims covered by your policy arises out of the past to threaten your ownership of real estate, it will be disposed of, or you will be reimbursed exactly as your title insurance policy provides.

Imperial Land Title conducts a detailed title search of the historical records concerning your property. The purpose for the title search is to verify the seller’s rights to transfer ownership, and to discover any claims or burdens on the property. We also conduct a title examination of the documents disclosed in the title search. The title examination will determine if the documents were properly prepared, executed and notarized. We find and report any defects in the title to the home you wish to purchase, then we can correct or clear any matters that can affect your property before you purchase it. Comprehensive and professional title examinations results in:

  • Fast and accurate turn time on commitments
  • Tax searches
  • Lien clearance
  • Endorsements
  • Borrower / Settlement Agent closing scheduling

Imperial Land Title understands that shorter turn times result in more profits for you.

  • Immediate processing of searches upon receipt of title orders.
  • Ownership and encumbrance search
  • 40 year searches
  • Intervening lien & subordination
  • Instrument copying
  • Recording of mortgage instruments or deeds of trust

Examination of mortgage instruments or deed of trust